rShopping list

Quick search using "Just Type"

Just type what are looking for. This video shows the "Just Type" features in rShopping List. In most places, the physical or pop-up keyboard can be used to search for items by name, size, notes, and more. Even the list of stores and labels can be searched using the "Just Type" features.

Add item when search fails

Not sure if you have entered an item? Use the method shown in this video when you are unsure whether an item is already in rShopping List. If the item isn't found, a new item can be quickly added without re-typing it's name.

Advanced Tip:
New item in certain types of stores

Need to add an item to all of your grocery stores but not other stores? rShopping List can quickly add a new item to just certain types of stores, for example hardware stores. This video shows how this advanced technique works.